Had an eventful show tonight – it normally is with Radio Boscombe on board, just seemed more so than usual. They have another album out, with more all new material so we spent some time previewing some of that, plus the usual banter and a set of birthday dedications from various “notables” that they’d “acquired” – it was my birthday a week or so beforehand.

A brief stop off at O’Neill’s to see two songs from Roomful Of Mirrors before heading up to Chaplins for the open mic. Turns out a lot of my semi-pro muso friends had decided to hook up – Krista Green, Ant Lewis, Mischa, Kimari Raven, Sofi Reed.

Pete Christie Thomas TrippWhile it was enjouyable hanging out with them, I really had to leave early to catch the last 20 minutes of Pete Christie in the Thomas Tripp. And boy was it a good 20 minutes, even though I’d missed a lot of my favourites he plays. He covered Love Of The Common People, which was made famous by Paul Young, originally made known by Nicky Thomas – first time I’ve heard his take on it, impressive.

Not a waste at all, missing out on all those other mates, to be able to appreciate again the magic fingered performer that is Pete Christie.