Big Face Reggae InfernoAfter the Talentcall competition, dashed off to catch Big Face Reggae vs Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) at The Inferno.  Due to things overrunning, I’ve missed DO(MI) and catch the most part of Big Face’s set, which is as brilliant as usual.  DO(MI) also played a strong set, causing the audience to shout loud for both bands when compere/referee Mr Lively asks for a poll; he calls the result a double knockout.  It’s been a good evening for live music all over town, clearly.

Pachango @ Cellar BarAfter Big Face Reggae finish, I head off back to Boscombe to see the last couple of Pachango songs in The Cellar Bar.  As ever awesome rhythms, and a packed dance floor (aided by half the band being there instead of on the stage, there are so many of them).  The volume of sound just from the unmiked percussion is incredible, and the whole Latin vibe is really going down well with the capacity crowd.   A great ending to a good night of music.