July 5th is my birthday, so going along to homegroup (church small group) I was surprised they’d thrown an impromptu small party together (normally we just wish the birthday recipient “Happy Birthday” present a card and move on with the rest of the evening). This time it was a sung rendition as I walked in, balloons and assorted cakes and sweets – very nice.  After a successful homegroup time discussing hospitality and generosity, with a bit of money management thrown in, I thought I’d treat myself to an evening with Chris Woodford.

Chris has become one of my favourite musicians on the local scene, not just for his playing.  He’s also a guitar teacher, cocktail maker and inventor, and always has a few stories of life, as well as being generally pleasant and entertaining, whether behind a guitar or not.  Once he has his instrument with him, he enters a different world, and is capable of transporting one to that world as well. 

I’ve previously mentioned the array of styles Chris utilises when playing, and have also expanded in short on his animation and experimentation.  Tonight it’s just Chris and unfortunately an empty bar which still doesn’t dissuade him from giving another amazing performance, to my total enjoyment. Chris also tells me that he’s started a duo and will be playing the Cellar Bar soon.  Looking forward to that one.