Issue 22 @ Cellar BarIssue 22 are at the Cellar Bar. I catch 3 songs only due to trying to see another band at another venue first (missed them – they’ve been pulled early due to the boxing). Issue 22 are raunchily lively with a good sound and a good crowd. They also get to play an encore, which is sweet for the support act.

Harpin' On @ Cellar barHarpin’ On are headlining as their Cellar Bar debut, I think its the first time I’ve had the chance to hear them too. They play steaming blues and rockabilly, generally up tempo, making the most of Dave’s combined lyrics and harp playing.

They’re doing originals and there isn’t a duffer here. As can hopefully be seen they’ve worked on the look, even down to the 50’s hair styling. Lead guitar has a great retro sound too, properly tinny reverb that works surprisingly well with the songs. Enjoyable and work catching again.