Mr NodgeMr Nodge is on stage. His vocals are clear and distinct, showing some good song writing, accompanied by pleasurable guitar. Team Fabulous were on first, the night is crowned by an altered line up of County Hospital. Starting with a shortened Mystery Shopper as a three piece, joined by extra guitar for some furious and fast action in Houston We Have A Problem, up to a five piece with swapped drummers while we have a switch to melodica and ukelele for quieter Holiday.

County HospitalThey stay in this guise for a couple more songs. PJ Harvey back to single guitar, this time with trumpet accompaniment before we’re back to the 3 piece for Robot. With County Hospital’s experimental nature, there is a lot of clever and subtle music going on once you deconstruct the complexities, and its always a great show.

Til Death Do Us Part features a new instrument – iPad2 working as a synth making some really clever and interesting music and noises all of itself. Its not obvious that this is new, even though it was only considered a couple of hours before the gig.

The band finish by inviting audience members on stage continuing their finale jam, while they grind along to the groove in the crowd. County Hospital gigs can be misses if the experiments don’t work out – I’m pleased to have been at one of the best hits ever.