DO(MI) Cellar BarVery short post about tonight’s Friday night gig.

Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) are playing the Cellar Bar, as an EP launch party. The EP is The Slightly Less Basic But Not Quite Advanced Principles of Disco’s Out (Murder’s In), the band ran a facebook competition to name it, which I won! My choice from the name came from their criteria, the first EP was The Basic Principles of …, and the next EP had to fit that convention.  Funnily enough, of all the names put forward, mine was the most complex, but was also the one they preferred the ring of, despite the complexity.

Enought for now, on to the gig, admittedly I’ve talked loads before about their sound, big horns based (2 trumpets, cornet, tenor sax) over a rock 3 piece. Tonight Beefcakes And Lime has been dusted off and given a welcome airing, as recognised by vocal fans such as Mischa.

DO(MI) 2nd EP coverThey’ve been working hard for hard for this gig, I gate crashed their rehearsal 2 days ago. Tonight is extra special for me since they award me with my EP naming competition prize of T-shirt, EP album and other memorabilia, most of which I wear for the remainder of the gig, fitting in with other hardcore and noisy fans such as Si Crockett, Geoff (Lively) and Lucy Davis. I’ve also been given one of only two credits on the EP, and Steve makes a very generous statement about me at the time of my award.

A great Friday night out.

There, I said the post was short – the night itself was long – I left at I think after 2am and the party was still going on!