Luminaires BadgeThe Cellar Bar is a new home for Solid Air’s sonic adventures, The Luminaires are on stage. Well 2 out of 5 of them, Steven and Aaron; Joel is working behind the bar so can’t join in. They are in for an acoustic set, and it’s fun hearing some now familiar songs in a stripped back and sparse mode. I’m present for a couple of their songs, and forget to take a snap, sorry.

Upstairs Stan McMann is performing at the comedy night, doing a turn about his latest film project (on VHS) as propaganda for dogs. Good visual skit (I walk in halfway through so miss the context).

Oscars Trash Can Solid Air Cellar BarOscar’s Trash Can are on back downstairs, despite them being regular giggers on the scene, I don’t think I’ve seen them before. They are fairly furious with their guitars, the songs themselves being a steady four beat. They have their crowd with them who make some noise.

Ollie M (lead vox) switches from a nice sounding violin bass to a second acoustic guitar for Amplifier, which again is furious and up tempo, and their fans love it. This instrument swapping continues throughout the set, even the drummer Ollie G is on the bass at one point, and 2nd guitar Josh moves to a voice organ. I’m unsure this is doing them many favours as towards the end the bass particularly is distorting through being driven too hard through the PA.

Putting this aside, the music is good and the lyrics are clear, if slightly more downbeat. Lead Ollie suggests at one point “now we’ve got you all depressed….” This isn’t the case, since the music is pretty beautiful.

Issue 22 Solid Air Cellar BarIssue 22 are the headline act tonight. Lead singer Becky has a rich strong good voice, and is able to wail suitably. They merge original material and covers, and have some great music going underneath her voice; pacey, rhythmic & melodic. I’m really enjoying the set, despite the bad language and a bit of flaff factor between songs. This flaff surprises me, since Issue 22 are well rehearsed during the songs – e.g. snap endings are tight as are song breaks.

Good grunge sound, loads of feedback which empties the front room of Chaplins (I have my earplugs, I’m alright) then breaking into a stonking set of bass-led riffs. I’ve also not mentioned Tony Twodogs on drums playing some awesome cross beats on toms and cowbell – I have now…