Fairplay logoI’m at the Bournemouth Unplugged Heats results party, huge numbers of musicians here – most of the heats entrants plus many others.

Yellowgroove Bmth Unplugged PartyYellowgroove are the house band for the evening, they kickoff (eventually) in fine form with their former single (that I played on the show tonight) Son Of A Working Man. They merge straight into These Times, no breaks to speak of, just segues galore. Hero Wanted starts like I’ve never heard before, Jack putting in some awesome beats to get the crowd tapping and clapping along. Instead of stopping between songs to call the shots, Simon talks over the intros, which are extended for him to do so, yet not turned into drawn out affairs – there is interest here to keep the ears tickled, and I’m loving it!

Speaking to them afterwards, they’re really pleased to be able to play in front of many fellow musos, many of which (asking around) haven’t seen them before.  I’m really pleased at the way their sound and stage presence has developed, even if slightly annoyed at the excessive volume through the inappropriate house PA.  I’m increasingly finding that overegged live sound never shows off a band to me in the best light.

Anyway, here’s you really wanted to see, those artists that are through to the Quarter Finals (starting next week).
They are annouced in four groups throughout the evening, and there are two artists with drawn scores, so rather than drop both to make 15, Fairplay have awarded both the chance to go to the next round.  In drawn order, we have:

Bob Fletcher,
Boyd & Wain,
Dave Mansell,
Saturday Sun,

Si Crockett,
Tim Somerfield,
Phil King,
Andy Stock Band,

Coke Can Jack,
Krista Green,
Tony Two Dogs,
Ant Henson,

Dan Rumsey,
Chris Woodford,
Jonny Neesom,
The Sabres,

I’m surprised at some results – disappointed the female vocalists are only represented by Krista (who’s heat I missed), as are many of the other ladies I talk to (understandably – means many of them missed out). 

Another thing is the number of Chaplins & Cellar Bar regular artists that have made it through. I try accusing some them of jingo-ism, until it’s pointed out to me that very few of them turned up to each other’s heats to vote, so they must have gone through on crowd-winning accolade only. 

I’m fairly sure the judges votes can’t have been exclusively favoured towards these artists – I know mine weren’t, even though I can’t explicitly remember everyone of the (4 scores *4 acts/heat  *7 heats = 112!) scores I’ve submitted since February (I missed just one heat as a judge).

I must say I like the idea of the crowd vote at the time of the artist appearance, linked with an objective judged opinion.  Means its a little harsh on out of towners (Logan Carter, Saturday Sun), however as the latter have shown (they were in the heat I missed so I don’t know the crowd size) it is possible to do enough to go through.

Congratulations to all who made it this far, and big love to those who didn’t.
With the astounding quality of the majority of the 32 acts seen, the only advice I can give to those who didn’t make it is keep working at the live stuff – looking back through my notes on here, there were only a handful of artists that I thought weren’t at a well-above average level, and all clearly deserved to be there.