Unusually for a Sunday night I’m with my friend from HopeFM Geneen (Principle Personalities), taking her to this Charlie Landsborough concert at the Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne.

Charlie Landsborough Tivoli blue stageThe place is about 80% capacity, talking around some have travelled a long way from further SouthWest for this experience. The empty stage is hung with elegant drapes backlit with blue initially (the lighting changes colour through the show)

The intro backing music starts; the band walk on one at a time and join in, guitar, organ keyboard, pedal steel, bass guitar, piano keyboard, and finally Charlie himself. They go straight into two numbers, then he’s into a couple of anecdotes and funny stories, very entertaining.

The openers have been Country style, the third folk ballad shows what an amazing voice he has, he’s clearly kept it in good order for the 16 or so years he’s been gigging (despite playing for much of his life, he only got “noticed” in the ’90’s when in his fifties).

Charlie Landsborough TivoliFrom then on each song is interspersed with Birkenhead and scouse jokes and stories, and reasons behind the songs, much in “an audience with” style. He’s very engaging, and generous with his time. There’s a large contingent from Bluebird Silver Dollar counry music club here too, very vocal when mentions and thanks them for being his only audience for the early times.

His latest album is love songs he’s covered, he chooses one tonight – Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are – to dedicate by name to a number of people who’ve written to him prior to the concert.

He also shares a bit about his life as a Christian, before moving into a couple of Gospel oriented songs, still within the country theme.

Charlie Landsborough Tivoli styled stageHalfway through the second half the band depart and Charlie covers an Irish ballad just on his acoustic guitar. He has a gizmo on the side of his stool that acts as volume and tone contol by the sound of it, however to me the best thing is the clever use of simple lighting against the white sheet backdrops. During the song they are painted rich emerald green to match the subject, with the green changing to white and orange in the middle and right to turn them into a depiction of the Irish flag at the close. Very stylistic.

As usual with Geneen we go backstage to meet Charlie and his wife Thelma for ten minutes, they are a very humble and pleasurable couple to hang about with. Geneen has had wonderful feedback from listeners about the show he did for her, which she shares with him, we also have the obligatory photos courtesy of Geneen’s camera (will post here once available). All in all another great night out!