This Saturday night I have an earlier than normal start, two friends are holding a 70’s & 80’s party for their birthday. Loads of fancy dress going on – a few dodgy moustaches and clothing; loads of glam from the ladies. This means I miss seeing Cella Creeps, Peachy Jane, Beckett and Chaser at the Music Mania event in The Winchester, and instead head straight for the Cellar Bar for what I hope is going to be a fantastic end-of-night of live music.

Don’t get me wrong – parties and discos are fine, however I find what the DJ is playing a bit of an odd selection for a 70’s & 80’s night, very little Abba, bit of disco, yet lots of New Romantic rubbish that can’t really be danced to; more like standing on the spot bumping up and down. At least Ant Music and Mirror In The Bathroom get me up and dancing so I’m not a total prole.

DOMI Cellar BarFortunately my mates Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) are playing in a totally ram packed Cellar Bar. It’s amazing we can all be jammed in like sardines, but still find room to jig along to the vital beats.

Perhaps due to the small stage, we’re down to just the lads tonight – meaning lots of the brassier sounds aren’t absent, they just carry less potency than would normally be expected form a Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) gig.

Rammed Cellar BarNo one seems too bothered about this though – including the band themselves. The music is vibrant and pumping, us in the crowd are up for a great night, the guys are popping one-liner anecdotes out and taking the rip out of us – it’s a good night.

Loads of jumping up and down encouraged, the screaming along to the choruses, the “Yeahs” to Stuck in the Middle, they are all there.  Tonks is lively on the drums – apparently everything is just too fast for them, so they’re rattling through the material as if they’re at the races and need to get to the end quickly.   So they decide to take a break, then continue with more of the same nuttiness on into close to the next morning.

DOMI Cellar BarThey say they’ve run out of material for encores, and end up repeating Stuck in the Middle – myself I think this is just a cunning ploy to keep things happening; encouraging us to keep jumping and shouting along.   Irrespective the rammed crowd continues partying on; DJ Mr Lively kicks off some cool ska tracks to keep the pogo-ers going and the headbangers happy, I take my leave.