I was just going to say “Pete Christie performed at the Thomas Tripp – you should have been here for the experience” But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The evening started with the monthly Solid Air outing on the show; all those artists Conrad had tried to tie in to the next Sonic Adventures were unable to make it. With no guest Connie & I ran a talk show based on the music scene instead.

One of the promoters included tonight was Jake Scott – he’s running a fundraising gig for Haiti in the Old Fire Station on Sunday night. Charities benefiting will be administered via DEC, meaning my charity of choice, Samaritan’s Purse, won’t get a look in.

DEC do not fund Samaritan’s Purse – despite their presence in nearly every hotspot in the world, the UK presence isn’t large enough to feature in DEC’s plans 😦 Click here if you want to donate directly

Any help for Haiti is welcome, so please get along to support the efforts and raise some much needed funds for the efforts

Pete Christie Tripp

After doing a bit of delivery running around, I land at the gig that I started with. Pete is on form mainly just playing his guitar unaccompanied by the normally ever-present loop pedal.

Even so he is entertaining not just with the songs, but the overall presence – looking around for people to pick on, yet always making himself the butt of the joke, throwing in stories and anecdotes to boot.

I won’t mention some of the outrageous items Pete’s done tonight – those that are also here will know what I’m referring to – however as ever he finishes with an increasingly extended Easy Come Easy Go, using the loop pedal to full multi-voice effect.

If one hasn’t had a chance to experience Mr Christie in one of these up close and personal gigs, please make a point of doing so real soon. He is playing at Mr Kyps soon, and is totally able to fill that stage with sound and quips, however it is with the close, visible audience that I enjoy Pete the most.