Antonia Edgeley-Long Chaplins

Antonia Edgeley-Long starts up, her initial choice of song allows her to use a wide range of her voice – deep verses and high choruses.

This set is all new material, yet this fact isn’t really noticeable, save for the guitar work being under-developed; strummed chords for the most part. The chord progressions are fun, some switches from minor to major, and some modal work as well by the sound of it.

In her last song there is evidence of the future development, as gently picked arpeggios form an underlay for Antonia’s voice to soar over.

Jules Pitcher Chaplins

Next up Jules Pitcher. Straight off into gentle chord picking; she has a mellow rounded voice, this is music with gaps in.

Jules is also kicking in with the new material, her second number having been written the week before. It’s dedicated to her sister, who is pointed out to the crowd.

Tim Smart is taking the graveyard shift. He’s decided to play an accordian for the first part of hist set. As I walked in he commented he was “off to rehearse” – turns out he’s never played an accordian before so needs to learn the basics! Tim Smart all over.

Tim Smart Chaplins

By the time he gets up, he’s more or less got the chords covered, any way up he’s amusing and looks to be enjoying it as hopefully captured in the shot.

Halfway through the set he picks up the guiar and invites sister Claire to join him. Sandboy is dedicated to an anonymous person in he bar who lives near Tim, and who the song was written about. We don’t know who it is, and Tim’s not letting on, all adding to the mystique. 

Tim & Claire Smart Chaplins

Fed up with the guitar, he chooses to sing I know an old lady who swallowed a fly a capella, with Claire harmonising at certain points, before finishing with favourite Bearded Lady.  As an encore he gets us all to join in with harmonies on a short round song, all uber-creative, totally enjoyable, and uniquely Tim Smart.