The first Friday night of the month is always a tough one; I help out at a craft evening for 4-9’s which always takes it out of me. This time, inspired by a good rugby result (I get in to see the second half of the Wales-England game). I drag myself over to Smokin Aces for what I anticipate is going to be an great party, courtesy of those fun-loving people known as Disco’s Out (Murder’s In).

Band In A Window

And I’m not wrong. Despite being crammed into the window they are doing what they do best, but this time messed up and more acoustic. Tubbs has been forced onto an electric drumkit, three are in the window with him, the brass are in the crowd.

They are running as a jukebox – pick a number between 1 & 16 and they’ll play it. The band sound awesome, the crowd are up for it, the bar is rammed and we’re all having a great time.

Band in the Crowd

I was trying to take this photo to give a further impression of the madcap antics, when Mischa piles in and starts jumping all over the place, he’s really happy to be here!

It’s odd to have the band so up and in your face , when they are still doing such a big sound as would normally be expected.  Towards the end of the night individuals in the crowd take over the mic-in-the-crowd for funny abuse and interjections, totally putting off Ed & Imogen’s brass sounds.

goes out to Martin (trombone, rapping, other assorted instruments) unable to make it to much disappointment, him most of all no doubt!