Comedians Radio Boscombe on the show tonight, which always makes for an interesting time. Radio Boscombe always bring lots of material, and we work to a script, however that often means doing lots of changes as the show progresses, making us all think on our feet.

Anthony Fairweather was also in, performing some live material; he’d brought some pre-recorded tracks which were planned to go out at certain points – these worked after a fashion. For example:


Regular “guest” Tory Marginal stormed off, unplugging a few things as he went, leading us nicely into the continuity announcement Anthony had prepared, leading into ads, news then some spoof ads of Anthony’s.
I was surprised we pulled it off, lots of button presses needed to link everything together – I think it worked (will find out when I listen back).

Mikey Ball

A cheated early finish to reach O’Neills in time to participate in judging Bournemouth Unplugged. I won’t say much about any of the acts, I’ll probably just mention certain features that grab me. Harry from Chaplins and bhone‘s Tone also in attendance to find the great and the good of the local acoustic scene.

Mischa is up first, still in full band form as first seen at the DMA heats, and goes down well with the crowd.

Jake Bourke

Mikey Ball second act of the evening. I feel for him following Mischa, yet he’s not fazed, quick intro and on into his set, mildly philosophical.

Third up is Jake Bourke, providing interest on a ukelele instead of a guitar. When

it detunes he calls the song in, which is a shame as I was enjoying it 🙂

Coke Can Jack

Coke Can Jack close the night. The bands can just offer so much more variety if they want to, compared with the singer songwriter guitarists; these guys do just that…