Yet again I miss the opening act, Quinns Quinney, yet they’ve clearly gone down well with the middle act of the evening, Katy Boyd and Benny Wain. Katy & Benny mention they are at Bournemouth Folk Club next month, and announced they’d like Quinns Quinney to join them on stage as the support act. Wait to see if that happens…

Katy and Benny play a mixture of country and bluegrass on their acoustic guitar and fiddle (with stomp box), mixing it up trying to create a frenzy. This is laudable; their acoustic nature fails to penetrate the lively and noisy crowd, despite Connie pumping up the volume levels on the sound system. Good enjoyable stuff all the same. Their folk club date (at Centre Stage) is Thursday 17 February (also at Chaplins Sunday 28 Feb and Wimborne in June).

The final act of the night are Lady Winwoods Maggot; they were on LiveWire Live last week as part of Connie’s promotion for tonight. Disclaimer needed here – I am a solid Maggot Fan (even though I rarely get to see them play), of both the old folksy stuff and the newer punkier element.

As ever they go all out. These guys don’t know how to put on a lacklustre performance, even when starting off to a reduced crowd, or even a crowd that are looking perhaps for more of a folksy sound (having had Quinns and Katy & Benny doing their bluegrass thing)

The band have been delayed as the last act on (graveyard rather than headline) and some of the crowd have already departed. Despite this, the songs are hard, the music harder, the couple of covers thrown in suitably “Maggottised”, and they get a usual entourage of dancers doing some “interesting” moves.

I remind myself (as I did last year every time I saw them at a Dorset Music Award gig) that I need to indulge myself in an evening of Lady Winwoods Maggot one night, instead of flitting about the Bournemouth venues as I am want.