Solid Air’s Conrad joins me for his monthly outing; tonight he has Lady Winwoods Maggot as his special guests.  This is a lot of fun for me, I’ve known and loved their music for a long time now.

LWM have been regular guests and their music is often played, simply because they are gigging somewhere locally nearly every weekend, even if not in Bournemouth.

Conrad has them on since they are playing for him this coming Monday, 24 January (Solid Air at the Winchester) – he always tries to fit in a guest from the next week’s sonic adventures onto the show I give him.

There are high jinks galore, both on and off mic – fortunately the robust language and subjects (as far as I can tell, anyway) is kept off-air, with manager Cassie keeping a rein on things with strong looks; her rein isn’t that tight – she glares at Mark when he lets something slip that shouldn’t have been said, leading me to quickly insert a musical interlude so she can chastise him privately.

As I said at the start – a lot of fun! (no I’m not going to disclose any juicy bits here, that’s not the nature of the blog!)  You’ll just have to come along to their solid air gig – I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

We play a few not-yet radio-played tracks from the new album Buffalohead, including an exclusive Beargrillz remix of the title track the chaps have brought in (available on soundcloud should you so wish) – Conrad is overjoyed as he likes giving the listener little behind-the-scenes insights

After the chaps leave, C0nrad and I hang out a little while longer going through a few things, before heading back to home for him and the Chaplins open mic for me.  Chris (aka Sir Lord Percy) is there hanging out, enjoying a night off from Mr Kyps (he’s the resident sound man there) – he reminds me of the Curiosity gig there on Thursday; I explain I’ve already plugged it, and played The Sabres, who are on the bill.

As for the open mic, well Si Crockett has been playing since the start. Si is playing Cheeky Monkey as a closer when I get here – it’s his first time out due to illness. Next up is Dave from The Luminaires (he also works at the bar). This is the first time I believe I’ve heard him play solo, the best way I can describe his style of playing is like listening to that opening to Pinball Wizard, the fast strummed chords and changed top notes within them – that’s the example I can find of his strumming technique. Having said that he’s keeping it fairly quiet and low key, unlike in the example I’ve chosen. 

I also have a chat with Andy Stock about a few things – he is preparing another Live at Chaplins CD, so making recordings of the acts ready for that. Andy, the kit needed is a Behringer Composer, MDX2100 used, or MDX2600 new. Huh, tech talk, I ask you. I head off after a short time in the bar, missing the later acts.