Phil J King IntrojuicerThursday finds me in the Cellar Bar yet again, this time for the auditory pleasure that is Phil King. I’ve not seen him for a while (well, not since I’ve been blogging about the gigs I get to, anyway).

Phil has a varied repertoire, from savage chorded songs to show off the volume he can generate, to cleverly picked gentler numbers like Iridescent Lightbulb, that builds into a strong chorus. His vocal range is similar to what I believe mine is, high tenor, he’s able to pitch deep lows and sonic highs as he accompanies himself. Guitar retunings are swiftly completed, such that there is very little interruption to the set. Unfortunately for me I’ve walked in too late to hear my personal favorite of Phil’s – Tapestry. He finishes of the set with some strong takes of his own of some covers – I’d not heard Santana blended with the Stranglers before – I have now (She’s Not There moves into No More Heroes)!

Xander is my final act for this Fairplay Introjuocer. He’s playing a gorgeous sounding electric acoustic guitar, on which he accompanies his quickly announced lyrics, almost like an MC. The  next couple of songs give him a chance to sing more than chant – he has a rich vocal tone – before moving back to the rapping style verse and sung chorus.  He’s also brought a mini following with him (well, 4 mates) not bad considering he’s a short notice stand in!

I say Xander is my final act – as I leave both Phil and Xander are getting back on stage to jam a double act.  In the meantime I’ve been chatting with Fairplay’s Ant about Bournemouth Unplugged 2011 – he would like me to be a judge, plus arrange some airplay for the competition winner.  Shouldn’t be a problem at all – the whole competition sounds promising.