This is a very short blog post – I’ve missed much of the evening due to watching too many inspiring talks on (well, it was a miserable weather night, which possibly explains where everyone else was!)

On entering the Winchester’s foyer, I’m engaged in conversation by the manager, wanting to plug a couple of things, hence I miss seeing Annie Winter & Jemma Davis, although they sound good through the doors!

On walking in (to a bar with about a dozen people in it) I hear that Si Genaro has opened, unusually doing none of the beat box or harmonica work he is most well-known for, instead, just Si and his guitar and voice.

Del Malone is up last, and performs admirably, although I’m not paying attention as an old school friend of Ness’, Hawkeye Houlihan is in the bar so we have a good old natter – in short he’s spending a lot of time in Denmark playing solo, duo and trio slots close to 100 times a year, really making it as a professional music in clubs and bars, and in Danish festivals.

Short post this time…