Powdered Cows logoAfter a splendid meal with the dive club at the Spyglass and Kettle, saunter into the Winchester for the last act of the night. As usual after a heaving Sunday night the place has been drunk nearly dry – it’s good to see that our pubs are having good nights.

As ever the welcome is warm at the Winch – Steve from Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) is here, since Powdered Cows contain some of them.  Also my first ever Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” recipient moment, courtesy of Ed Pope (another Powdered Cows member(sax))

I’ve missed the Bunglechords (and the Bongoose trio), but no matter – they (and / or their following) are still around to make a noise so kudos to them and a worthy mention even though I missed them!

When Powdered Cows come on, the music is clear and melodic from this different four piece – it’s the first time I’ve heard Martin sing solo and he has a good voice, even if helped along a bit by the Solid Air reverb system (namely Connie and his twiddly bits)

Guitar, bass, drums and sax makes for a different mix. Martin‘s soundbites between songs add to the atmosphere, whether it be a typical Martin-esge gag, or vaguely serious plugs for the Bat Conservation Trust, which Martin is clearly passionate about.

The three-piece are good and tight allowing the aforementioned Ed to pile additional flair into the sound. He jumps around the stage a fraction also, adding a bit of visual spirit into the aural delight of e.g. final track Vampire Moustache.

Their next gig is Champions 19th Feb as Martin enthusiastically announces at the end of the set.