Monday night means Solid Air night – the 3rd Monday of the month for me means swiming with the Dive Club, so I get to the gig later than normal.

I walked in to the Winchester just as Saturday Sun were about to start (I’d missed opener Coke Can Jack in full band guise following the other week’s Pink Moon acoustic performance).

I’d caught half of one of Saturday Sun’s songs at the Oxjam takeover weekend, and Si Genaro had raved about them later when questioned about Oxjam on the Oxjam retrospective show I held on air. 

In single words, I’d describe Saturday Sun as acoustic melodic and atmospheric, while also very rhythmic.  They were utilising varied tunings throughout the performance, to create some interesting pieces. 

This tuning detracted slightly from the overall atmosphere for me, since there were lengthy delays between songs to sort out said tunings, meaning the gig never really hit a stride in my opinion.

Having said that, the songs these chaps from Swanage have produced are mellow and chilled, yet one of them played (I think it was Crocodile Skin) started with this vibe, before growing into a wailing shrieking pulsating anthem, with strong beats from drum, foot beat box and foot-operated tambourine – impressive stuff.

They’ve home-produced their The Deepest Woods EP (nicely artistic cover) with four studio and two live tracks – this is again varied while still in the chilled-out mode, with the rhythms kicking in perfectly suitably. 

Nothing jumps out and surprised in the tunes, which is exactly what is wanted for this type of music, the tunes morph and grow and fade  in a very intimate manner.

Looking at their gig list, they’ve picked up a choice slot at the end of November, the Skunk Anansie after party show in Brighton, as well as the more usual local venues (Champions, The Winchester)

Would I personally see them again? I wouldn’t immediately go out of my way to find them (give time for the stage act to improve), but the EP has been stuck in my player ever since they kindly gave me a  copy – look for a mention in Listed Magazine real soon now…