I’m always humbled on a Wednesday night. Humbled that talented musical artists will spend the best part of their evening with me talking about their art, creativity and other things of life.

This Wednesday was the turn of Tom Collier (facebook, myspace), who was in with Connie from Solid Air.  It was fortunate Connie was there, really. My voice had given up (come down with some form of illness), so to various catcalls of “Whispering Bob” and “Mr Husky”, arranged for Connie and Tom to do most of the links and promoter phone-ins.

I’ve reviewed Tom’s album Red Wine And Tangerines in the November 2010 issue of Listed Magazine (see page 44). I make mention of clear  (to me) Pink Floyd overtones – there are also signs of Prefab Sprout influences there…

Tom himself comes across as a quietly confident, passionate man, enthusiastic and eager to make good things happen.

The way he described the album was that critics had suggested it was slightly downbeat and perhaps depressing.  I would disagree, some songs may appear downbeat maybe, but I do find Tom’s tunes hauntingly beautiful.  Whenever I suggested a track to play it was “oh yes, that’s a good one” – and they are, all of them.

We even had a HopeFM exclusive (something Connie always likes as an angle) – the first ever airing of the final incarnation of the album, through including the brand new single Lost Horizons in the show output.

For some reason, the phones seemed incredibly busy –

  • Mark from the Winchester promoting a weekend of musicians’ musicians, beginning with Doug McLeod;
  • Sofi running the debut Mouseboy Productions night at Champions with a CD launch by Nick Harpham.
  • Beca promoting the BHF Red Rock night (featuring some of my fave artists) at Champions.
  • and finally Andy Razz with news of a Cellar Bar gig by my favourite female singer songwriter with band at the moment, Sarah Griffin.

After that packed yet slightly subdued show due to my illness, decided best not to go out afterwards to a gig; dropped in on Andy Stock’s open mic at Chaplins (my now usual Wednesday night haunt) to explain this – Andy had 8 acts wishing to perform, before anyone had touched a note…Missed a good one there.