After a brilliant IET lecture about the Lightning Electric Car (125mph, 150 mile range with no engine in sight, purely electric motors) went to my usual source of new bands, Solid Air at the Winchester.

Shadowkey were up first, good and tight, just too loud to be enjoyable – even through my professional earplugs!  Their front man was very lively (despite hiding in the shadows at the side of the stage), making a big thing of getting the audience to participate, which the small number of loyal followers clearly enjoyed. They won me over, anyway.

Voice Of Reason were also incredibly tight (for a local band). Lead man Adam re-introduced himself to me at the end of the gig; we’d met when he was promoting the Bournemouth Comic Relief single in 2008.  Turns out Voice Of Reason are so tight, depsite being new on the scene, as they were formerly …And The Magical 8 Ball Band.  I’d never managed to get along to see this previous incarnation, so was pleased to have been present at this inaugural Solid Air outing for them in their new guise.

Adam play interesting stuff on keys, as well as being a very energetic front man (leaping from keys at the back to solo singing at the front, jumping into the crowd and on the drums, wonderfully entertaining stuff).  Also interesting to see a band that have their stage act nicely tuned – one of the first local bands I’ve seen in a while to have introductory music to which they enter the stage.

Both bands seemed to have a loyal, if small, following, screaming along and responding to all the cues provided by the lead men (or bassists, or whoever chose to drive the audience participation at the time).  Really pleased to have managed to catch both bands, even with the noise issues.  Get rid of the overwhelming volume into something manageable, and here find two bands that clearly mutually respect each other, and could both go far…

Also interesting to note that Steve from The Gnostics (and other bands e.g. Djambo) dropped in to book a slot in a few weeks time – watch out for that one coming up…

So even though only two bands instead of the usual four, pleased I managed to get out to see them, and an early finish to boot!