The Introjuicer is a Thursday night event run by Fairplay in Chaplins & The Cellar Bar.

This week it was the turn of Yellowgroove to take the headline slot (Fiona Fox supported – I wasn’t there early enough to catch her this night).

I can’t remember how I came across Yellowgroove, however they immediately impressed me, turned me into a core fan, and subsequently have been given slightly more coverage than other bands on the radio show (well, they are vey slick on their marketing, and keep asking me for phone interviews).

Walking down the Cellar Bar steps the size of the crowd (all unknown) was exceptional – Simon is a language school teacher, and arranges for his sudents to come and join in.  This was in marked contrast to last week.

The band are late – I’m on the outside steps talking to Fiona by the time they start up. I hear the strains of second song Son of a Working Man – one of my favourites. Oh well – Fiona finishes her fag, we wander in, gently push through to the front.

Instantly I’m again mesmerised by the rock, the stomp, and the improvements. These guys were good to start with, they’re fresh from a weeks recording session, which they expressed was not the best preparation they could have for a full set gig.

Even so they are tighter (though not playing some of the songs from the recording session) than previous; they’ve been gigging in Bristol, London and Southampton since the last time in Bournemouth.

After a full set of mixed known songs and those I’d not heard before (San Francisco is another new sound) they finished with a passionate rendition of Blood On The Flag.

The crowd were not going to let them get away with that, so for the subsequent encore Teenage Kicks was delivered – a surprising outing, and one that worked well.

Yellowgroove, note the name, catch a gig as soon as.