In short,

The long version:

Another show night (it being Wednesday). Joined for the regular first Wednesday of the month outing with Radio Boscombe, and their usual live and pre-recorded comedy, interspersed with bits of music and Anthony Fairweather‘s poetry, songs and humourous interludes.

After the show, hotfooted over to The Winchester for the regular first Wednesday of the month outing called Freeway Poets – Grow. Walking in late after the show means wading through a packed crowd, reaching the bar for a drink and some excellent nibbles courtesy of Lotus Seed, and being entertained by Performance Poetry.

Dangermouse was first act I saw, otherwise known as Olly Bland. Followed by aforementioned Anthony Fairweather before being capped by Will StophaTshaka was also scheduled next – giving a lift to Anthony and Laura meant I missed him.

All 3 acts vary, in their approach, yet all gave quality output and entertainment.  Unfortunately for Anthony and Will, technical problems seemed to plaque their performances, which did not affect Olly at all, who recited a couple of inspired pieces.

Anthony sings and rants to CD accompaniment on some pieces, yet the CD track seems to dip automatically DJ Announcer style whenever the mic is used – not great.  This, coupled with dodgy CD cues, seemed to be enough to put him off his first piece (he is a perfomance poet with a prominent speech impediment) yet he was able to recover sufficiently to give an overall good performance, hitting a chord with many of the crowd present.

Will was expecting to rely on a laptop, yet had connection difficulties.  A beat box he’d also brought along was playing up, causing him to mess up a few cues which all added to the entertainment.  “What this is”, he quipped, “is some bloke driving for 3 hours from London on the night there’s a tube strike to mess up a live performance in Bournemouth”.

Despite this, he seemed appreciative of the audience’s response, and genuinely grateful to have been offered a repeat invite to joint headline Freeway Poets.

Having offered to give Anthony a lift to the station (dropping Laura from Radio Boscombe off on the way) we left before the second joint headliner Tshaka, and before the artworks by some artists from  Technicolour Moon
 were completed – they were looking really promising.

On to Chaplins on the way home for the traditional Open Mic session – Fiona Fox giving her all on the guitar with her sweet voice.  She has what look like small and fragile hands, yet manages to pull off chords and stops with a panache others fail to acheive.  Talking to her afterwards, it’s not all about technique, (polymer coated strings help), although technique is a major part.

Del Bishop was in the chair next, playing a number of covers in his own style, offering some singalong opportunity.  Followed by son Sam, who’s set was far too short! (I blinked and missed most of it).  Andy Stock finished the night as is usual – another 12 am close (where does the time go?)