Having had a fun time at church small group, was tired so fancied a rather chilled time this evening.

Fortunately I knew Hannah Robinson was featuring in 2 solo sets at Chaplins tonight. 

Hannah is the lead singer (and sometime guitarist) with Paint It Blue; when she does venture out solo (which I’ve noticed she’s starting to do more of more recently) it’s a joy to behold.  Hannah is normally very quietly spoken, with a gentle confidence and graceful manner.  When she’s behind a guitar and mic, the gentle spoken-ness is replaced by a soulful croon, leading on to strong “whoas” in the middle of her set pieces – in the words of the immortal Wayne from Wayne’s World – She Wails!

How to describe her genre? well obviously a slight blues hue, yet also some good syncopation from just the guitar chords, showing subtle leanings towards acoustic rock.  Just the ticket for a Tuesday night out on the town, when one just wants to chill, sit quiet, and take time out.