Attended a lecture last night about the challenges Bournemouth Airport has faced over the years, and those for the future, regarding expansion and growth.  This was the RAeS Sir Alan Cobham lecture so surprisingly many people there, with a wine buffet.

Still wanted my live music fix, so transported from the UNiversity to Champions, where (among others) Nion Abeo were supposed to be playing, according to the email I’d received. Since the club was locked up, I had to skip that.  The folk club was just about to close down by the time I’d got there, so wandered to the Winchester, to find a poetry slam going on (packed with chairs, no music).

So I sauntered home, via the Cellar Bar. Ant from Dusty Cuts runs a regular night there on a Thursday called The Introjuicer, where newish bands to the Cellar Bar are given a run out.  Last night it was just Ant, on his own, doing credible and passable renditions of some Dusty Cuts songs just on his acoustic guitar. 

Depite this, still tunes to groove along to, since Ant’s clever enough to fill in the backbeats with stop-strumming, making this enjoyable, even if I was the only audience at one point – I’m used to being awed by people performing renditions for me in the studio, it rarely happens in the music clubs and bars.  As the bar started to fill up with the late drinkers and the ex-O2 crowd, I bowed out gracefully.