Pink Moon is Solid Air’s fortnightly foray into the acoustic sunset. I missed the Pink Moon openers, walking down the steps of the Cellar Bar to Jack Chuter finishing off his set (decent enough from what little I heard of it), followed by the always vivacious Antonia Edgeley-Long.

This was a real change from seeing Antonia scream along with Lawrence Case on Voodoo VegasSo Unkind on Sunday night.  Her subtle resonant timbre, with her voice lilting over the artistic guitar work was really enjoyable. She was telling me she’s now fronting another band, more of the rock than the acoustic – shows she can successfully bridge both genres.

On to Tim Somerfield – self-described as Acoustic Solo-God – well he was with a percussionist tonight, with some solid and upbeat numbers.  Look forward to seeing him again.

Finally in the Cellar Bar were three good looking blokes from New Milton, going under the moniker Coke Can Jack. Good duelling guitar riffs, with some intriguing solos, and harmoniously accompanying each others’ vocals to boot.  Good stuff

Left the Cellar bar to wander into the end of Revolving Door at O’Neills, another regular Tuesday fixture.  As well as some usual friends in the crowd, Nacho Jase was up doing some Blues Rock, Rock & even Country & Western numbers in a finisher for the evening. Was good to hear him behind the mic for a change – he’s normally locked away behind the PA desk.